West Linn Sno-Blasters 2020  - Mt. Hood Meadows

What to Expect!
A Sno-Blaster's Day on the Mountain


  • Early Sunday Morning, your Sno-Blaster is brought to 1403 12th Street - Willamette Primary (Gym Parking Lot on 6th Avenue) 
  • Board the bus and relax with movies, snack, and bathroom
  • Roll Call! Then chill for an approximate 1 1/2 hour ride to Mt. Hood Meadows
  • Hop off the bus directly across from the Meadows lodge and grab and carry gear
  • Be escorted by chaperones to the designated Sno-Blaster room in the lodge
  • Meet instructors and lesson group
  • Secure rental gear (if renting) which is waiting in the Sno-Blaster room
  • Put on boots, coat, gloves, helmet, goggles etc... (don't worry, help is nearby if needed!)
  • Head to the hill for the 2 hour morning lesson
  • Come in for one hour lunch with lesson group and instructor, either sack lunch from home or hot lunch (if purchased)
  • Head back out with group for 2 hour afternoon lesson
  • 3pm back to Sno-Blaster room, meet with West Linn group and walk to bus with chaperones - Roll Call!  
  • Enjoy a movie and a snack and maybe a nap on the trip home
  • Arrive Willamette Primary approximately 5:30pm (times change due to weather and traffic)






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Donna and Jen are long time West Linn Moms who's kids grew through the Sno-Blasters program. These moms have always been very active in the community through the West Linn Mom's Club, Girl Scouts, Lego Robotics, Boy Scouts, PTA and now the professional world in the public education system. One of the many joys of leading the Sno-Blaster bus is watching the kids grow and become more independent from 1st graders to 5th and then move on to the middle school program, Trailblazers. We do our best to make the program a place for kids to mature in a safe and super fun environment. Connect with us - We'll tell you more!